Beginning of the French Muse

I met Corey and Ruth, hosts of the French Muse trip, today in Marseille along with Charland and Barbara, both of whom are from Canada and along for this adventure.  Well, actually we decided that they are both “fake Canadians” as Charland is originally from Montana and Barbara is from London and are now just passing themselves off as being from Toronto and British Columbia.  We were immediately off to visit two private homes of local antique dealers to see what treasures they had in store.  Scrumptious antique French linens — ooh la la — garden treasures and more.  Then the drive to Lacoste where we are staying in a Bastide, a private home that was once a silkworm nursery.  The views during the drive through this region of Provence were so, so gorgeous — remember Peter Mayle’s book and PBS series “A Year in Provence?”  Well, this is the Luberon.

After settling in, we had local rose Champagne and hors d’ouevres outside on the terrace, and a fabulous dinner of all local fresh foods, all set with the vintage tableware of the house.  There is a week ahead of more daily visits to a chateau, antiques dealers, local markets, les brocantes in various villages and other surprises to come.  Corey and Ruth have planned a week of amazing discoveries and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next curve in the road. Stay tuned.

Fresh flowers from the gardens at the Bastide at my bedside
My room at the Bastide….every room is filled with the owner’s personal antique collection
Dinner outside on the terrace in Lacoste.  

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