So many beautiful things

Today to one of the largest brocantes in the area, every Sunday in Carpentras.  Flea market on steroids, but with such a wide range of beautiful and unique things to see.  From 18th century iron hardware and books to copper and linens and silver handles with ivory (which I bought).  The negotiation is an integral part of the process, and you have to know what you are willing to pay to end with a successful agreement.  When you know you love something, you have to move quickly — if you wait and go back later, it may be gone.  Someone else has gone home with your treasure.   But what a pleasant way too spend a few hours under the platane trees.

Lunch at Chez Serge to take a break and fortify ourselves to return.  On the way to les toilettes, we found the pastry chef making les tartes limone. An every day occurrence that becomes a treat to behold — and eat!



The slogan on this wine glass means “live in relief.”
Above our heads during lunch
Brocante dealers as far as the eye can see



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