Aix-en-Provence market — there’s a reason it was called “eye candy”

There is a market held three days a week in Aix, but none of us was prepared for the fabulous finds we encountered at each and every stand — ATM machine, here we come again. A beautiful “platane” tree-lined street filled with gorgeous French linens, clothing, lavender sachets, soaps and much more. One perfect find of a French linen dress. Oh, and there’s a perfect heavenly soft cotton scarf to go with it. But wait, here’s another dress in a fabulous color. Between the incredible prices and knowing you don’t find these at home, we all bought more than we needed. Wait, who said anything about “needing?”




Everyone trying on hats, even the seller. Clearly the pressure was on for Barbara to buy the red hat, if she hadn’t we were going to buy it for her as it couldn’t have been more perfect. She did.


One of the most beautiful fountains I’ve ever seen in the roundabout in Aix.
If I could have this above every door in my house I would. So magnificent, and isn’t the door marvelous?
Lunch at Verdon included mussels and a beautiful salad in a bowl made out of a crêpe — I will be trying to make these home for sure. And creme brûlée for dessert!

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