The medieval village of Lacoste


This is Ruth’s village and and less than five minutes from the Bastide where we spent our week. There is so much history in this village and so many stories about its past and present life. There are breathtaking views from every twist and turn as you walk up the interior village road, and a few places that are just unimaginably beautiful where some very lucky people live.

The entrance to the village, where the “Guard’s Door” used to be.  Look closely, do you see Ruth peeking out?



Lacoste is a very picturesque medieval village, well worth seeing, perched on the east end of a mountain spine rising up out of the plains between the Plateau de Vaucluse to the north and the Luberon to the south. The old village sits along the flank of a ridge, facing Bonnieux across the lower farmlands to the east.

If I were to put bars on my windows, this is how I would do it.


We started at the base of the village and walked up and up and up — Charland’s Fitbit reported that we walked up 17,000 stairs that day.


The top of Lacoste is marked with the very medieval looking ruins of the Chateau-de-Sade; looking like a castle from a story book, and with a history even more sinister, once the home of the Marquis de Sade, Lord of Lacoste. The chateau ruins look great from a distance, and a close visit reveals moat-like passages and other interesting images.


Unfortunately a famous fashion designer came in and bought lots of property here, but instead of restoring and keeping the historical beauty — both inside and out — he’s done quite the opposite. He also installed several pieces of art as a, shall we say “tribute,” to the Marquis de Sade. Everyone in the village thinks they are atrociously ugly. The cad has definitely confirmed that having money doesn’t mean you have taste.


Lacoste is also home to a campus for the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).


SCAD hosts groups of students throughout the year for study abroad in different areas, currently hosting those in the photography, textiles, design and sculpture programs. They were all getting ready for an exposition of the work they have created during their time in Lacoste.


An alumnus, Sam, is working there for six months on giant puppetry sculptures that will be used in a village parade in July. All the local villagers will turn out and many will be carrying the puppets — what a terrific idea, I am just sad I won’t be there to witness and be part of the festivities.


How lucky these students are to get to live for a few months in such a picturesque place, so full of history and stories.  I will look for their work in the years to come and anticipate the inspiration that surely will define their creations.


One thought on “The medieval village of Lacoste

  1. Hey, no mention of how your daughter went to SCAD and how proud you are of her? Haha, kidding. Really cool place, and your photos are awesome! I’d love to see it for myself some day!


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