A Life, Documented

I’m so happy for my friend Lisa, such a talented designer who lives in Lagnes, east of L’Isle sur la Sorgue and Avignon.  Her home is featured in the latest French Cottage issue of Victoria magazine.  We visited her beautiful home in the country during my trip to Provence and it was simply breathtaking.  Peaceful, beautiful, inspiring and energizing all at once.  She found a little slice of heaven and made it her own.  Exactly what I would want if I had a house in Provence.  I’ve posted several photos of her home inside and out already on this blog but wanted to share what has been captured by the magazine too.

IMG_1238 When I met Lisa, I was impressed by her clear talent as a designer, so evident by the way she had renovated her home in Lagnes.  But I was more impressed by how open, kind and generous she was.  I immediately thought, this is someone whom I would really like to know better.  She opened her home to us and welcomed us to share in her little slice of heaven.  All I can remember is thinking “ahhhhhhhh.”  It felt like home.


I was captivated by the way Lisa displayed her assortment of china in this antique cabinet.  Loved the way she interspersed colorful art of some interesting characters behind the dishes.  Who would have thought of putting artwork inside a china cabinet, but what a great idea!  I love finding art in unexpected places.  Like in my half bath that all the guests use.  Sit down to perform the necessities and gaze at Michelangelo.  Why not?


Lisa’s world travels are carefully documented in her furniture, her art and her collections but there is a sense of “her” that comes shining through.  Just as each of us have objects in our homes that tell a story,  she has curated a life of many chapters.


Honestly, Lisa has more talent in her little finger than I have in all the fibers of my being.  I was very inspired by some of the things I saw in her gorgeous home, and came home to my house and replicated a few ideas.  But the thing I hope to replicate the most is her generosity of spirit and her kindness.  Because after all, those are some of the most beautiful things we’ll ever find as we travel this earth, right?


5 thoughts on “A Life, Documented

  1. Suzette, I think you are doing yourself an injustice when you say you don’t have talent . You definitely do, just look at your travel writing for instance…we are all able to dream of a life full of beautiful things and every day we meet wonderful kind caring people that have life in them. You need now to work on your exit strategy, put your plan together and execute. Life is hard, but to dream is to escape. Just do it…


    1. Thanks Dave, you are too kind. We all have talent that gets expressed in different ways, right? I love meeting talented people and learning from them. And I’m working on my plan as I write — if there’s a Provençal house in my future, will you come visit?


  2. Lisa is a talented designer, and as you say, her best gift is her generosity and loving heart. You have a new friend(s) and are equally as kind.


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