Tiny Treasures

You know that saying, “Good things come in small packages?”  While I think that’s true  — hello jewelry and diamonds! —  I especially think it’s true of the unique tiny treasures you can find at the French brocante, estate sales and American flea markets.  The tiniest of finds makes me smile, and here are some of my favorites.

A small alabaster and metal urn found at the brocante at Carpentras.  No more than 4 inches high, it just shouts “look how elaborate I am!”  I don’t remind it that I only gave one euro for it, and I keep expecting that one morning I’ll walk by it and it will actually have grown a little.
An 18th century silver money purse from the brocante at Villeneuve-les-Avignon.  It was attached and worn on the garments to carry coins.  Can you imagine how long it took to create the mesh from all those tiny silver rings?


A tiny porcelain pitcher from an American flea market, holds about 5 ounces.  Perfect for serving salad dressings or cream.
A set of four small glasses from an estate sale, $9 for the four.  The grapevine design etched into the glass is exquisite, the size just right for serving a cordial.  As they only hold three ounces, they definitely can’t be used as wine glasses in my house.



Tiny glass beaker from the brocante at Carpentras.  Marked in “Grammes” it was probably used in a pharmacy or medical office.
Miniature two-inch magnifying glass in a soft leather pouch, found at the brocante.  Since I can’t see anything up close anymore without reading glasses, it’s getting a lot of use when I really need to see something tiny.  And I have to say I have never seen a more beautiful magnifying glass!
A small three-inch flower vase that is perfect for a single bloom or stem.  A gift from a dear friend of mine, it makes me focus on the beauty and marvelous detail of just that one flower it holds. 

Life doesn’t have to be elaborate to be grand.  What’s your tiny treasure?

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