What’s in a Name?


What began as a challenge to document a trip to Provence has turned into a passion for sharing my love for home, travel and treasures.  Provence du Jour was to be a way to chronicle my escapades and share a few photos along the way with family and friends.  As I wrote about the adventures, the food, wine and the French flea markets or brocantes, however, it connected me to so many people who share the same loves and dreams.  And isn’t that what life is all about, challenges and passion?  It’s been more fun than I ever anticipated and I didn’t want it to stop.

So it’s time for my baby blog, Provence du Jour, to begin a new journey.  Get ready for the new edition of my grown up blog, and a new name — “Chez Suzette”!


The next post you see will come to you from Chez Suzette (website is under construction at www.chezsuzette.us) and it will continue on the WordPress platform.  I’m learning every day how to transition to a “real” blog site that will have more robust content, links to lots of resources and information, and the ability to grow along with me as I continue to explore so many of the things and places I love. All with a French twist.  I love to learn and believe you should learn something new every day, but I gotta say the blogging world of platforms, host sites, RSS feeds, SEO and plug-ins has been such an eye opener and feels like learning a foreign language.  I do think learning French is easier!  Or at least I sound sexier when I say French words out loud instead of all those technical blogging/coding terms.


Come with me on this journey to discover how to add more beauty, fun and treasures to our everyday lives.  At Chez Suzette we’ll explore French and other cultures through travel, decor, food, wine and friends.  We’ll go in search of flea market and antique treasures, both in the U.S. and in Europe, but particularly in France.  Some of these will become available through an online shop I will be adding to my Chez Suzette site.  I love to cook (and eat!) so I’ll share recipes and ideas for entertaining or a cozy meal at home just for you.  And sometimes you’ll just get random musings that wake me up at night and won’t go away until I write them down.


I hope you’ll join me along the way in search of a life well-lived, perhaps sometimes with a slower pace that forces us to stop and be more present in our daily lives.  Although those who know me would say I usually don’t slow down much, I’m finding as I grow older that I am longing to spend time every day in a more meaningful way.  We can all live an authentic, interesting and fulfilling life.  We just have to figure out what that means to each of us and through Chez Suzette I’ll try my best to add to your La Vie Belle, a beautiful life for you.

Here’s hoping that the best truly is yet to come for all of us!

A bientot! (See you soon!)


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